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A Holistic Approach

Counselling, Bowen Therapy and Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Holistic Therapy at The Woodland Haven in Carmarthenshire

Each of us experiences problems from time to time... emotional, physical or a combination of both. It can be surprising just how much the mind and body interact... really, they are inseparable... and so it can make sense to treat both.

Counselling, Bowen Therapy & Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy can each be booked as individual therapy sessions, but there is something more offered...

At The Woodland Haven, a special combination-therapy approach is also offered, that is holistic and individually-tailored, as well as being so reasonably-priced.

Counselling, Bowen Therapy & Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy are combined in a session, in whichever way is most helpful to that person. It may be just two of these would be best or, maybe, it will be all three.

The beauty of the combination-therapy approach is that each element reinforces the other, so that both mind and body are soothed, enabling relaxation and enhancing clarity of thought.

It is a supportive, helpful, empowering and lovely experience.

A stunning investment in your own wellbeing - or that of your patients, residents, employees.

Veronica Nelson of The Woodland Haven

For you... if you are experiencing:

  • difficulties in coping;
  • distress;
  • stress, anxiety, depression;
  • dealing with emotional or practical difficulties;

related to loss, work, relationships or other issues

For you... if you are experiencing:

  • pain or stiffness in your back, neck, shoulder, hip, etc;
  • weight issues;
  • respiratory or digestive problems, e.g. IBS;
  • sports-related injuries;
  • discomfort due to pregnancy and childbirth;
  • discomfort due to prolonged illness and/or loss of mobility

For you... if you are wanting

  • to discover and create change,
  • manage change,
  • cope with change.
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